5 Best Apps for Virtual Meetings.

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Virtual meetings make business easier nowadays. There are many Apps for Virtual meetings, that offer many features that are not possible in physical meetings. Most enterprises all over the world are using these platforms for their business empowerment. There are many Advantages of virtual meetings which many business holders are taking aim at, of them are Less money spent on travel and expenses of the organization, it is more inclusive for those who are unable to travel, and also more accessibility for the employees to engage with their clients and colleagues in other locations. Here are the complete details of 5 Best Apps for Virtual Meetings.

So in conclusion Apps for virtual meetings play an important role in the ease of the client and the employee also. There are many best apps for virtual meetings, I am here to share some of the best Apps for Virtual meetings with you, which you can also Download on your laptop, personal phone, or Pc monitor.

Here are the 5 Best Apps for Virtual Meetings.

1. Zoom

The most common video conferencing platform is Zoom. It is rich in features and provides the best criteria for businesses. You can use Zoom free of cost for your business plans, it is one of the biggest gold coins from Zoom to its users. You can also pick advantage of audio and video conferencing, sharing screens, virtual backgrounds, recording and transcription, and breakout rooms for smaller groups. This platform is also adopted by schools and universities during Covid-19. Zoom provided its users with a reliable and convenient way of staying connected with each other.

2. Skype

I personally love the use of Skype, we adopt this platform in 2008 to connect with our family members who are far out of the country. I think Skype just provides the best video-sharing facility to its users. Now skype become a demandable use for Businesses. It allows its users to make calls to other Skype users for free, only an internet connection is needed. You can also make Phone calls for a fee using Skype credit. It is a popular choice for workers and businesses because of its high-quality video and audio call facility.

3. Google meet

A conferencing platform developed by Google “Google Meet” is also one of the best apps for virtual meetings. You just need a Laptop or mobile phone and an internet connection to adopt it. This platform proved you with the features of video sharing, screen sharing, audio sharing, and real-time captions. You can access it through a web browser and must not need to download a specific application for it. However, it produces a google meet mobile app, if you need you can download it from App Store. You can use it for business meetings, virtual meetings plus online classes. My personal opinion is to use Google meet if you have a good internet connection because it is very easy and simple to use, just by sharing a link you can connect with others.

4. Ms.Teams

The Microsoft team developed by Microsoft is basically used for online classes and team communication. Ms. Teams offer integrations with third-party applications, which allows its users to bring in tools and services they use on regular bases into the platform. The biggest feature of Microsoft Teams is the ability to create and join meetings, with up to 100+ participants. You can also chat and collaborate during meetings, able to communicate with one another. You just need to download its app neither on your laptop or mobile and create an account with your e-mail. you can also create sections of class or meetings and add or remove participants from them.

5. BigblueButton

A platform that was specially created for education and online learning purposes is BigBlueButton. Through the third-party developers, there are many add-on options, and it’s been a free open-source tool. If you are a teacher then You can easily use it for your ease, you can share your PowerPoint slides on it and also use pen tools to draw or write something during teaching. It also has a feature for the admin to add or remove someone from the meeting or if you want to off the mic of your students or employees you can also do it from your side.

Its features include:

  • Multi-user whiteboard
  • Live chat
  • Separate Breakout room
  • Screen Sharing.
  • Recording Lectures.

BigBlueButton is compatible with OS, Devices like laptops, mobile phones, and desktop computers. It is also the best option for business discussions and meetings.

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