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Hello everyone! Today let’s talk about the best website for practicing IELTS (International English Language Test Certificate) free Online. hopefully, many of you people know about what is the ielts test. Let me tell you first the introduction and importance of IELTS internationally, ” So IELTS is basically an English language certification that is important for a person who wants to travel abroad for some purpose.”

IELTS is just a practice You need to practice more and more. To achieve your desired band score. I will tell you the best website for practicing all four modules of IELTS in this Article. If you join an academy don’t forget to take 5 to 10 mock tests of IELTS before your final test.

You can register for your IELTS test on your ID card CNIC or on your Passport. But If you are less than 18 then you can register for your test on your parent’s ID card. So don’t need to worry about the Age facts.


  • Not a few, but Every country accepts this certificate of language test.
  • It improves your Confidence level in speaking English.
  • Improves your English language means grammar.
  • It makes you capable of listening, and understanding international talk.
  • Also, it makes your position clear in any country
  • It makes your CV more strong.


so for what purpose you can do IELTS? “If you plan to go abroad for STUDY or JOB purposes then this language test is compulsory”.

some hards for Urdu people:

Urdu people find it very difficult to understand or to talk in English. So they lose to achieving a good band in IELTS, and sometimes they feel Shy in doing this test. Because of a lack of confidence and not having much time of life in the English group. so for them, there are other many language test certificates that are easy but not much. The fact is that the English language has become compulsory for every person who wants to go out of the country from Pakistan or India. Even this language is compulsory for inside the country in some companies that deal with international clients.

Other Language Test Name:
  • Oxford Language Test(ELLT)
  • Language Cert
  • PTE

I will not say that these tests are easier than IELTS but they have some other strategies so will talk about them next.


  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

These are 4 IELTS modules that you have to clear. according to the demand of your visa. There are many YouTube teachers who teach you every module exactly. I will link some good Teachers’ channels there so you can directly see their videos and learn IELTS.

These are some good channels from which you can learn the basics of professionalism. a lot of other channels are there search them and listen, to whom you would find best for learning must start the course.

I will suggest you start the course 6 months before the test if you are completely Urdu speaking. There is no need to join some academy, if you think that you would not do it without going to some academy then surely join it but you should have to give much or your time to practice it.

Best Website for practicing IELTS Free online.

The best website near me is Ieltsonlinetest, you can practice on this website as if you take the IELTS exam in a fixed period of time. According to me, it is the best website for practicing IELTS all modules because it gives you the band score result at the end. so you can see on what position you are standing in and how much score and practice you need.

Another Website for practicing IELTS Free online is idpiletspractice, This is also good but not like the previous one because in this they are defining the student’s computer-delivered test pattern. this website does not give you the result. This is good for online repeatable practice.

Types of Ielts:

  • GENERAL IELTS (for job purposes)
  • ACADEMIC IELTS (for Study purposes)

There are three main Institutes that are taking IELTS on an international level means they are registered Internationally online.

  • Idp Institute
  • British Council
  • Cambridge

Now if you people ask me which Instite is best for registering your test then I will suggest the IDP.

There are also two types of test patterns:

  • Computer-delivered test
  • Paper delivered test

I am the point of view Computer-delivered is much easier than the paper base. But those who are not very aware of computers should register for a paper delivery test.


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