10 Free Resources for Graphic Designers.

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By Apps Tiger

Branding is one of the essential things for every organization. Without Nice Branding growth of any organization is equal to impossible. That’s why the demand for Graphic Designers and Branding experts is increasing. Graphic Designing is one of the In-demand and highly paid skills globally. Are you a Graphic Designer, or do you want to start your career as a graphic designer? So This Article is for you. Today I will share 10 Free Resources for Graphic Designers. That will help you to increase your productivity and makes you more creative.

Here are 10 Free Resources for Graphic Designers:

1. Pexels

Pexels is one of the most used websites for Free Stock images and videos globally. We need different images to use in our design multiple times. Pexels has thousands of free images and videos in every field of life. Suppose you are working for an Agriculture Company and need images related to Agriculture. You can access the Pexels website and search for Agriculture images, Pixels will provide you with hundreds of free image options, and you can download them with just a single click.

Free Resources for Graphic Designers
Here is the Layout of the Pexels Website.

2. Pixabay

Every designer also needs Vector Graphics during their work. If you need any vector graphics according to the client’s requirements, go to Pixabay and find hundreds of vector graphics according to your work. Suppose you need vector graphics for the auto industry. Go to Pixabay and search for Auto Industry Vectors graphics, and you will get access to hundreds of free vector graphics.

Here is the Layout of the Pixabay Website.

3. Unsplash

3D Renders give a fantastic look to any design. If you want to use 3D Renders in your design, you can get thousands of 3D Renders from the Unsplash website. While Unsplash also provides you with thousands of stock images and Mobile photography.

4. Icons8

We often need different icons to make our design more professional during our work, especially in web designing or UI UX. If you are looking for an eye-catching icon collection for your designs Icons 8 is one of your best options. Search any icon on the Icons 8 website and download it with a single click.

5. Canva

Canva is one of the best tools for creating amazing content online. It helps you create unique graphical posts using hundreds of pre-made templates. If you want to design Stationary, YouTube Thumbnails, Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram Posts, etc. Canva is one of the most suitable options for you.

6. Photopea

Photopea is one of the best options to edit any image when you are away from your personal computer and unable to access photoshop. It’s an online platform similar to Photoshop, giving access to edit any Photoshop online. So next time when you are away from your personal computer, and your client needs urgent changes, use Photo Pea and continue your fantastic work.

Here is the Layout of the Photo Pea Website.

7. Remove BG

We often have to remove the background of an image or logo during our work. A very common method is removing the background using Photoshop, but this process is time-consuming. Remove BG helps you to remove the background of any image by uploading that image, and Remove BG will remove its background within a few seconds. And After removing of background, you will download your image with just a single click.

8. PFP Maker

In this era of social media profile picture is very important. If you want to increase your online presence, always try to use professional profile pictures. PFP Maker will make your profile pictures more professional and eye-catching by creating beautiful backgrounds. You just have to upload your profile picture, and PFP Maker will provide multiple background options, and you can download it according to your choice.

9. Draw Kit

As we know that illustrations give an eye-catching look to our designs. Many of our clients ask to use illustrations in their branding. So if you are looking for an illustration collection for your work. Go to Draw Kit and download hundreds of unique designs.

10. Google Fonts

Fonts are vital in making the design more professional and eye-catching. But finding good font is real magic. So if you are looking for a professional font collection, Google Fonts gives you access to hundreds of fonts with a one-click download option.

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