How to get the first order on Fiverr.

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So yeah here we go the most critical and demanding topic is how to get the first order on Fiverr. As we all know Fiverr is the world’s biggest platform for freelancing it is highly rated because of its secure interface. If you have delivered the order you will get the payment that is your first right. But there are many other rights of your clients too that you must fulfill in any case if you want to achieve a high rating.

  • Talk politely (make your communication lighter and more direct with the client).
  • Be Online (make sure to stay online on Fiveer 18/7)
  • Create a query (ready a questionnaire of your every gig and ask in chat directly to the client, it will have a positive effect on yourself on the client)
  • Ask straightforward questions ( you can ask your client any confusion about work anytime, which is a positive sign ).
  • Show work (after every 4 to 5 hours show the work progress to the client).

These were some short tricks to impress the client and the key point is how to impress the client to get the order for the first time and every time. Now I am going to tell you some amazing tricks for free to get the First order on Fiverr.

Here is the key answer to how to get the first order on Fiverr.

1- Creative Fiverr profile

Try to make an eye-catching profile on Fiverr. This meant ” write a direct description of yourself, about your skill, work history, and what service you will provide on Fiverr”. ” Post a decent picture of yourself on your Fiverr profile”. “Add tag lines related to your skill “, ” Set valid payment criteria on your every gig” plus last but not least “Make your gig thumbnail so perfect and attractive plus simple ” This could be a reason for orders”.

Follow all these tips while creating your Fiverr profile and hope for the Good. This will help you more in getting orders.

2- Create Gigs

Come on to the main topic ” Creating Gigs” First you should focus on the skill for what you want to provide service. Is the skill about Graphic designing, content writing, digital marketing, or other? This is important that you should have a strong grip on the entire skill you chose to provide a service on. research the skill on Fiver follow some high-rating people’s gigs to set up your gig, and remember not to copy other descriptions of gigs or some other data. Fivver will notice this and block your account. Set reasonable payment criteria on every gig at starting.

At the start of your Fiverr account, you should have made at least 5 to 6 gigs of different services related to your skill. Finish this procedure in a week by researching properly on the services.

3- Attempt tests

After making gigs and completing your profile. On the left side under the profile picture, some starting test options occur related to your skill or gigs. This part is actually to test your skill and mention your remakes with the green color Tik in front of the craft. If you would pass the tests with 8 or 9 scores then automatically Fiver rate you high in the list and you will get clients

4-Stay Online

Try to stay Online most of the time on Fiverr. It will also help you to engage clients. And this will rate you up on Fiverr. You may establish trust and professionalism with customers by remaining online. This proves your dedication to providing a positive customer experience and your serious approach to your profession. And the best point is You can respond quickly to messages, order requests, and consumer inquiries when you’re online.

5- Create a video introduction

A strong video introduction can help you stand out from the competition in a congested market. Compared to text-based introductions, videos are intrinsically more interesting and attractive to the eye. Your personality and communication style can be displayed through them. As a result, it will be easier to win clients. You can more effectively highlight your qualifications in a video introduction than in a textual one, including your experience, talents, and examples of prior work.

6- Reply fast

The most Focusing point for Freelancing is Timely response. Conversion rates can increase with prompt responses. Clients are more likely to trust you with their projects and have faith in your ability to complete them on time and to their satisfaction when they observe your responsiveness and attention to detail. Being responsive helps you stand out from other vendors in Fiverr’s crowded marketplace.


“You just need to go with the flow, Everything needs time to reach the peak. Firstly, maintain your skills by choosing any field of your interest. After that, you would be able to communicate and show your abilities to grab the clients. because people who we called CLIENTS just need perfection. After getting in your skill Make yourself as perfect so you would be able to read the client’s mind, what he or she wants, or what is his or her nature, if he or she is focusing on the work you are delivering. OR focusing on your response time? Checking your ability to work ? or what else… This is also called a skill to read/check the mind of the front person.”


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