How to learn Digital Marketing for Free?

Kainat Malik

How to learn Digital Marketing for Free

Digital marketing is the biggest platform or we can say the world’s largest tool to market products and services. Basically used to grab an audience near your service and product also. In recent times many companies and Enterpurners and other professional people are adopting it as a career for their work. Some years before now, we all know that digital marketing was not so established, and also not there are so many fastest growing platforms that make it easy to learn digital marketing and to apply. So Today I will share How to learn Digital Marketing for Free?.

The big hand in significant growth of marketing nowadays is Smart mobile phones. This gadget really makes it easy in increasing product demand and audience. Also, makes shopping catch easy for the customer. There is no need to go outside for shopping and to sell your products, It is now basic to do these with the help of Digital marketing services.

Digital marking is a wide field itself, if you think that you are capable of doing or being a professional in digital marketing it is for you. Remember don’t learn it if have no interest in the entire field, first, you should search about it and what the field basically then decides whether it matches your mind’s interests or not. Learning it for fun is a waste of time ever, because if you have time you have to spend it on learning the field of your interest, Which will help you to achieve future goals.

To learn digital marketing, there are now many online platforms on Google and on youtube for free learning. But the fact is to find what is the right platform from which you can learn and what is wastage. Just because to save and maintain your time. So Today I am here to save you time and tell you the true ways of learning Digital Marketing digitally. You just need to Focus and need a calm place to learn.

Before telling you the authentic websites or channels here I want to discuss the phenomena of telling multiple channels. One thing that I mostly think and Maybe you also have thought that “Why always there are 3 or 4 recommended channels for learning?” I got the reason for this while learning so the reason is Everyone has their own understanding capacity or we can say willpower or learning and the tutor’s attraction also plays an important role in learning. we all are not at the same learning capacity of mind and do not have the same strength full mind. When we listen to something we catch it differently in different senses so this is the big reason for telling different channels to you. It Depends on you whose teaching skills attract you the most and you start to learn from it.

Here I will talk about authentic Youtube channels plus websites from where you can learn Digital marketing for free.

1. Neil Patel

He is the extra pro-Boss of SEO services and Digital marketing. you can learn the basic to pro level of Digital marketing of products and services from him. You just need to focus on what he basically tries to teach you and follow the steps that he will tell you. Remember to stay in practice while listening to the videos.

2. Web Training

Web training is basically a school for Digital Marketing services. They are teaching many ways of doing Digital marketing and enhancing the demand for your product. If you are a Pakistani or Indian this channel is easy for you to understand because of the language. You can also register yourself online in their academy to learn about your desired field. They seem you towards the easiest ways of learning.

3. Digital Marketing Guruji

This channel teaches you simple tricks and tips for learning online for free also in your native language. The tutor here posted separate videos about all steps for the ease of learners. You will also get to know the basics from this channel and this could be more helpful for beginners to learn from here. From the definition of learning to perform/apply you will find every part here.

Now, the accurate websites from where you can learn for free.

  • Blueprint by Meta
  • Google Digital Garage
  • Alison’s Digital Marketing

There are also furthermore websites that are teaching you the best ways of learning digital marketing. But in my view, you should learn from YouTube tutors to be more perfect in your profession with the step-by-step pattern.

Make It easy to learn Digital Marketing.

The question arose, How do you make your learning fast and easy? To make your learning fast you should ready your mind to accept what you are going to learn, you should have a goal of doing something for your career betterment. and specially Interest matters a lot, if you have an interest in the entire field you can learn quickly, and at every step of learning you will feel like knowledge increased. Learning quickly is not about learning in fewer days, learning quickly is about you should have an interest in the field and should be active at the time of learning. You have learned you should be felt the increment of knowledge and practice a lot is required. A passion for doing it or having a great future in the field also be important.

Manage your time, and fix a time of 3 to 4 hours a day to learn and apply. Practice makes a man perfect is not just a line its a fact. At least give the time of 6 months maximum and 4 months minimum to learn from a specific channel. After then you can have an internship on what you have learned that will fix the error that you have and also enhance your knowledge of doing work professionally. Remember to choose a company that usually works in the field that you adopt and is working for many years.

Buying a course for it at the beginning or going to a school for learning or the thought of being a pro in the field will not help you more than reading, learning, and practicing on your own, at your place. Self-learning is more effective and powerful than going for learning to someplace.

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