How to earn through digital marketing?

Kainat Malik

How to earn through digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a grand field to which every person and firm is connected to achieve their desired results. Now the topic flows towards how to earn through digital marketing. So dear Guyz let me tell you that it is not a compress field, it has many types connected together. You can choose any type of interest and start researching it to gain some knowledge. Don’t just focus on learning, divide your research on Earning also. it will help you garentedly.

Earn through Digital Marketing includes, E-mail marketing, Facebook ads marketing, content marketing, SEO, Youtube ads or reel marketing, and Instagram advertising, Mobile marketing, AI, which means selling your goods to people from any of one platform and getting amazing results. Okay, let’s talk about How you can get knowledge and Earn through Digital marketing in Detail.

in detail to earn through digital marketing

E-mail marketing

Digital marketing through E-mail is a category of dealing the international clients. so you should have the knowledge of how to deal with international people’s queries. Many countries are working in Pakistan that serve international people they need people for international operations, such as “S and P Global” “H SECTOR company” etc.

There are a lot of online YouTube videos for learning E-mail marketing you can join them. And also you can work for your own product or for someone product internationally. you can also make international clients for a smaller firm. means if you have as much knowledge of dealing with and serving international clients as you can serve a small firm with this facility. This will enhance your reputation and increase your salary and demand.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing includes marketing the product through Instagram or Facebook. This type is very important in recent times. Every firm needs this type of marketing to market its new opening or product.

You can market your product and service by Instagram marketing or Facebook marketing. Many intelligent people are giving tips to make your learning about social media marketing better. These platform helps more to get an audience and more buyers. first, learn their bacis from YouTube videos and then earn through it. Many companies in Pakistan hire you if you have knowledge of these social media platforms. because with the help of them, you could market their goods in a great manner.

Facebook ads

Facebook ads are my favorite earning strategy. I also took its full course online from YouTube. For this type of big field, you should have to follow only one’s knowledge on YouTube rather than following many. Try to choose the right teacher on YouTube. and daily go through its videos and apply them in practice.

if we come to earning from Facebook ads yes it’s wide in demand. so there is no need to worry about work. You can provide this service on Fiverr and also on Upwork.


AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a big field now and it can be greatly helpful for earning in various ways, both for individuals and businesses. Business Automation, data analytics, marketing and sales, supply chain optimization, customer service and support, content generation, Health care, online advertising, and fraud detection control.

You can also take the best course for it or learn its basis from the internet. you could gain knowledge or experience about AI only by doing short-term courses or internships.

Content marketing

To write the best content, the best ranking is basically content marketing. Writing articles, paragraphs, or letters is included in content writing. If you are good in English or like to write some stuff like paragraphs etc. then you can probably be a content writer. As there is much demand for other types same for content marketing.

You can make your future best if you can achieve this goal skill. the starting salary of a content marketer in Pakistan is 50,000PKR. This is not as difficult as people think. it’s just a game of keywords. and grammar. the keyword will be provided by the company or client and grammy will be correct by the use of grammar correction apps online for example “Grammarly”.


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